Welcome to bizUP


I have great news: I am launching bizUP Services as of January 2018Why? Because I have a passion for finding solutions and making improvements in business. From the smallest quality issue to running multi facetted project. I want to help with all of your Project, Process, Product and Maintenance improvements. When you have a problem, I want you to think of bizUP as your one-stop-shop.
Do you want to understand why the same problem keeps raising its head, investigate and implement a project, improve material processing, or simply explore alternatives to your current supplier base? Then let me help.
What about that those paperclipping and loose notes in the bottom drawer, waiting for better days, or for more time to develop it and put it into a plan. Why not have the improvements done? Or alternatively let us turn it into a coherent plan which can be implemented at a later stage.
2018 holds a lot of promise for the people and businesses of SA that choose to focus on the long term, even as the country battles through the downgrading. But this is the time to become Lean, to invest in cost-saving initiatives and efficiency improvements, and to expand your process.
Contact me if you want to find out how we can UPgrade your business, or if you want to partner with bizUP, or simply looking to inject some life into an old idea.

Our Core Services

Project Management

From process requirement to equipment specification, all the way to installation, sign off and operation.

Process Improvement

Finding bottle necks, speeding up throughput, improving quality and reducing scrap. These are just a few of the things we can do.

Engineering works

From Fabrication to Maintenance to design and development, we can advise you on all.

Building Maintenance

Everything from Plumbing to Painting, Roofing, Woodwork and all the bits in-between.

Process control

We work with experts in their field, to ensure top quality implementation of process improvements. From VSD’s and HMI’s to cabling and control software.

All the other things
    • Networking (Wifi and Cabled)
    • Electrical and Electronic installation
    • Pneumatic systems